Roles and Responsiblities

St Brigids GAC – Executive and Management Committee Roles

1 Chair (Executive Committee)

 Spokesman for the club
 Leader and visionary of the club
 Oversee strategic implementation of club development plan

2 Vice chair (Executive Committee)

 Takes over responsibility in chairman’s absence
 Assistance given to the chairman ref above duties
The vice chair may typically have individual responsibility for club development
on the Physical facilities front, this would be in assistance to the facilities coordinator but on
Wider front checking grant availability and liaising with external bodies e.g. partners and funders.

3 Secretary (Executive Committee)

 All secretarial duties of the club
 Representative of the club at important All County Committee monthly meetings /convention or
 Delegate reports to secretary within 72 hours a report of meeting
 Maintains and updates the club disciplinary guidelines and process

4 Treasurer (Executive Committee)
 Responsible for day to day expenditure of club
 Presentation of budgets, monitoring and reviewing all budgets, presenting variance reports
 Presentation of monthly finance report giving a breakdown of income, expenditure, lodgments, bank balances
 Presentation of audited accounts to AGM
 Member of Fundraising committee

5 Vice Secretary (Executive Committee)
 Assistance given to the secretary
 Minute secretary – responsible for recording minutes of Management Committee meetings
 Preparation of monthly minutes for dissemination to all committee members within 72 hours

6 Vice Treasurer (Executive Committee)
 Assistance of treasurer in above role
 Responsible for Friends of St Brigids
 Responsible for Gift Aid application
 Member of fundraising committee/acts as treasurer for any one off fundraising events

7 Games Coordinator (Executive Committee)
• Overall responsibility for the appointment of mentors and team managers in conjunction with Club Chair
• Takes responsibility for devising and delivering a Coaching program
• Will liaise with each of the Games sections Coordinators to ensure the smooth running of each section of the club
• Chair of the Coaching Committee

8 PRO & website coordinator (Executive Committee)
 Control of information on website & database (Data control responsibility)
 Conduit for public dissemination of match reports etc from team mentors to local press
 Corporate branding
 Organization of photographers & video takers to attend matches
 Communication on a timely basis to club membership & stakeholders

9 Facilities development and facilities Officer (Executive Committee)
 Establishment of facilities committee
 Coordinates and controls all playing facilities
 Carries out routine pitch marking/flags/nets etc
 Creation and updating of monthly plan for facilities usage on website

10 Cultural/Social Officer. (Executive Committee)
 Organise Scor Sinser agus Scor an Go
 Assistance with Fundraising (one club event per year)
 Planning and running of annual Dinner Dance
 Plan and manage Family Fun Day (usually once a year at end of June)

11 Registrar (Executive Committee)
 Establish and maintain a comprehensive registration database
 Responsible for registration of all club members and organizing annual registration day
 Manage and monitor (in conjunction with the team manager) the registration of playing members with the relevant governing bodies – to include Ladies, Mens and Hurling
 Control of information on website & database (Data control responsibility)

12 Fundraising Coordinator (Executive Committee)
 Responsible for organising all fundraising activities on behalf of the club
 Establishment of Fundraising committee
 Implementation of coordination of Club Lotto (or similar scheme)
 Friends of St. Brigids scheme

13 Senior Football Chair
 Coordinates With the club chair and coaching committee the appointment of managers at senior, reserve, Under 21 and Under 18 level.
 Co-ordination of above teams/liaises with team mgt/helps sets targets for teams
 Appointment of coaches and mentors/ helps arranges friendly matches etc
 Organisation of support staff, e.g. physiotherapist etc
 Preparation of yearly budgets
 Member of Coaching Committee

14 Senior Hurling Chair
 Same as football above helps out at matches
 Member of Coaching Committee

15 Child Protection Officer
 Manages the AccessNI child protection scheme for the club ensuring all relevant people are trained and registered
 Liaise with Antrim/Ulster Council with regard to AccessNI scheme
 Ensures the club complies with all up to date legislation
 Maintains register of all up to date “child protected” members
 Organise and delivers child protection courses as required
 Maintains and updates the club code of conduct
 Member of the Club Disciplinary Committee

16 Juvenile Football Chair
 Coordinates with club Coaching Committee the appointment of Managers at under 12,14,16
 Overseeing Under 12, 14 and 16 level, and promoting under 13 and under 15 football
 Appointment of coaches for juvenile football teams
 Appointment of managers/sets targets for team performance
 Organisation of appropriate coaching in place
 Encouraging greater involvement of parents
 Appointment of support staff / helps develop elite players for county development panels
 Ensures there are sufficient structures are in place to ensure high game to train ratio
 Responsible for annual Summer Scheme (with Juvenile Hurling Chair)

17 Juvenile Hurling Chair
 Overseeing Under 12, 14 and 16 level.
 Organisation of appropriate coaching in place
 Appointment of coaches
 Appointment of managers/sets targets for team performance
 Encouraging greater involvement of parents
 Appointment of support staff
 Responsible for annual Summer Scheme (with Juvenile Football Chair)

18 Ladies Football Chair
 As Football above
 Liaises with Antrim Ladies football committee
 Member of Coaching Committee

19 Fun Sunday Officer
 Organisation of Fun Sunday
 Organisation of Fun Sunday coaches
 Liaise with the Coaching Committee and help implement coaching of coaches
 Assists the Child Protection Office
 Ensues a register of children attending Fun Sunday is maintained on a regular basis.

20 Primary schools officer and Fun Sunday Coordinator
 Liaise between club and key feeder primary schools
 Development of GAA within local primary schools
 Assist Fun Sunday Officer in the coordination of the Fun Sunday activities

21 Fundraising Officer
 Help run two income generating events per year
 Representation of committee at social and fundraising sub committee meetings
 Reporting back to committee members Secretary within 48 hours

22 Assistant PRO
 Submit weekly written and photographic content to South Belfast News and local media
 Coordinate all underage match reports

23 South Antrim Delegate
• To attend all South Antrim Meetings including youth meetings
• Ensure St. Brigids has a strong voice at these meetings, ensuring all information is passed to Secretary within 48 hours

24 County Committee Delegate
• To attend all County Antrim Meetings including special meetings and conventions
• Ensure St. Brigids has a strong voice at these meetings, ensuring all information is passed to Secretary within 48 hours