Congrats to our own GAA National Club Draw Sellers

March 11th, 2014 | Social

“G.A.A. sponsors an annual draw which is specifically intended to allow Clubs to fund-raise. ‘Croke Park’ provides all prizes for the Draw, but Clubs retain the funds which are generated from ticket sales. In other words, Clubs have no expenditure with the Draw.

The Draw will take place on 17th March 2014, and sales of tickets have just completed. Ticket sales from this Draw have raised #2,500.00 for our Club, and thanks are due to the large group of ‘sellers’, and particularly those who purchased tickets.

A special ‘shout-out’ is due to the U-10 / U-12 coaches and parents, who generated approximately #900.00 of the total sales. A fantastic performance!

These funds will assist with the ongoing operations of the Club, the running cost of which in the current year will be in excess of #90,000.00″